Art+Hack+Data 2018 Workshops

01 Workshop:  “Seeing the Unseen: Taking Note of Justice in Designing Data Projects – A Practical Guide I & II”

Instructor: Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., Ph.D., FIU Department of Journalism + Media, Lead FIU Mobile Virtual Reality Lab

This interactive workshop inspires designers and project managers to create and interpret data projects in ways that acknowledge issues of power. By going beyond rhetoric about social justice about our collective creations, this workshop focuses on practical and intentional acts we can take to assess our work for inclusivity – through methods of geosemiotics and critical human geography, tools including facial recognition and notions of socio-spatial dialectic – to interpret data and its potential meanings as we design with it.

02 Workshop: “Cyber Forensics & Internet Protocols”

Instructor: Andrej Petrovski

This session will dive deeply into exposing different aspects of the invisible infrastructures of the internet. We will explore the shapes of the networks; apply forensics methods in discovering different online trackers; and visualize them.

Exposing the hegemonic role of Internet Service Provider and how the data center is owning and might use your data. We will learn how to read the flow of information that is visible to a data center, classification of devices, protocols, and type of information per user.  We will uncover the traces that a simple user leaves behind when using the internet.

03 Workshop: “Meta Data Analysis”

Instructors: Olivia Solis & Vladan Joler

Every click, every move and every activity on the Internet generates data. This data, invisible to the user, is called metadata. It is what makes the Internet work. If it is well structured and analyzed, metadata can be used for profiling people on individual levels. Through various methodologies and for distinct purposes, different parties profile people. The most successful companies today do it for targeted advertising, while law enforcement structures around the globe gather and analyze metadata to watch over their citizens. In this workshop, we will feature a case study that shows the power and intrusiveness of metadata.

04 Workshop:  “Walking The Clouds: Into The Landscape of Digital Footprints”

Instructor: Jommy Barban, Rodolfo Peraza and Olivia Solis

This workshop will use the data collected by the project, Guerilla Hotspot as raw material. Guerilla Hotspot was conducted over the Summer in different neighborhoods around Miami and consisted in offering free wifi in exchange for the consent on collecting the Internet traffic data from the Guerrilla Hotspots users.

05 Workshop:  “Datagrams”

Instructor: Yucef Merhi

“Datagrams” is a workshop for people of all ages. Participants will learn how to use online resources in order to create critical and disruptive art objects. Focusing on collaboration and networked structures, Merhi will assist the attendees to make a modular Platonic solid based in formerly classified data from the FBI and other intelligence sources. The sculptures will be exhibited afterward.

06 Workshop: “Eaves-MIC-dropping; Creating audiolizations of the conversations between computers”

Instructor: Bilal Ghalib

Join this collaborative workshop to create an audio interpretation from data points scanned by the Guerrilla Hotspots project. What could we learn if we could //Listen// into the private conversations of computers? How can we represent what computers know about us and what they’re sending in the plain air? And most importantly, why aren’t we rapping over IP in the year 2017?

If you’re generally curious about what computers say to each other out loud and want to hear them say it for real, you should join. If you’ve got some REGEX skills, are curious about machine learning, love to rap or make beats, hack with python, or if you hackers, people who know what a phoneme is, you should join!