June 5, 2017 admin

Desiree Miloshevic

Ms Miloshevic has broad technical and policy roles experience in both private and nonprofit sector. She deploys her expertise in three main areas, being an Internet public servant, an entrepreneur and a connector.
In her role as Internet public servant, Ms Miloshevic participated actively in the areas of Internet technical coordination and Domain Name System policy since 1994.
Desiree was first elected to the board of Trustees of the Internet Society back in 2004, a non-for-profit organisation with the mission: Internet is for everyone. and the Board of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility in 2004.
She served as Special Adviser to the UN Under-Secretary and Chair of the Internet Governance Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (2006-2009). She continues to volunteer her time and fundraise for many different local and global
Internet communities, organisations and institutions to keep the Internet open and accessible.
Over two decades of productive interactions with Internet pioneers, regulators, intergovernmental leaders, academics, artists, and community activists throughout the world provides her with a unique set of resources with which to engage the often complex cross-sectoral challenges of Internet technical coordination and governance.
She co-founded ISOC Serbia Chapter in 2006, and open hacklab space in Belgrade in 2013.