March 7, 2017 jommy

Art Hack Data

Art Hack Data is a three-day series of events where artists, makers, and different local and international Internet theorists will get together to collaborate on projects based on previously collected Internet usage data in the City of Miami.

The program will include lectures; intensive workshop sessions; and an exhibition of the results (Media Under Dystopia – 9/10- 11/3). The opening reception party will include renowned DJs and video projections.
Some of the topics that will be discussed in this event are Internet principles, physical infrastructures, big data, and virtual realities.


The South of Florida is well known for its beautiful landscapes and nature, but few people is aware of it being a landing point for massive transatlantic communication cables that make it a strategic venue, internationally. The City of Miami hosts one of the largest Internet exchange points in the world – Terremark Worldwide, Inc., a subsidiary of Verizon Communications that manages a large amount of data while serving as a bottleneck for the communication between South America, North America, and Europe.

Without careful design, application, and oversight, big data and technology can turn into a powerful tool for the wrong purposes. It could reinforce the existence of inequalities and harm the communities where these inequalities exist. If we want to understand the impact and reach of these silent agents in our everyday communication we need to understand the biases that inform how they function, and in this way have a say on their being fair and effective.
With more than half of the population being immigrant, Miami’s demographic composition is very diverse. A collision of people with different backgrounds, biographies, experiences and eventually voices will enrich the perspectives from which these issues will be addressed.